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    Relieve Menstrual Pain

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    Relieve Menstrual Pain

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    Use safety materials, heat evenly, and have high safety, no need to worry about insufficient heat or overheating and burns.

    Switching position, three-speed constant temperature 45-65 degrees, freely adjustable.

    10 seconds of rapid heating, rapid heat generation, no need to wait.

    USB charging, it can be connected to power, computer, and charging treasure.

    Say goodbye to menstrual pain

    One stop solution be family guardian

    Rechargeable waist massage hot compress

    3-speed intelligent temperature control

    One stop solution be family guardian

    Waist warmer, belly warm, lasting comfort

    Graphene heats up

    One stop solution be family guardian

    Graphene heats up, quickly warms the abdomen

    Multi-frequency vibration massage

    One stop solution be family guardian

    Three-speed vibration adjustment to warm the deep abdomen

    Sleep comfortably at night

    One stop solution be family guardian

    Fast heating, direct to the lower abdomen to take away the cold

    Rechargeable waist hot compress massage

    Hot compress/vibration massage/multi-position adjustment

    Deer velvet lining

    Softly fits the waist, enhances the massage effect

    Relieve various menstrual troubles

    Use it for half an hour every day to easily pass the menstrual period

    Far infrared physiotherapy

    Massage acupuncture points, relieve menstrual pain, can warm the palace, stomach, waist, stomach

    Three separate adjustments

    Independent adjustment of massage + heat pressure, quiet and comfortable, can be turned off separately

    Precision workmanship, rest assured

    Multi-level modular design ensures the safety of use while ensuring product use experience

    3D vibration massage

    Deeply relieve abdominal muscles and promote blood circulation

    Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

    According to the calculation of half an hour of use per day it can meet the needs of 5 days of use

    Elastic shrink belt

    Can meet all waist circumferences, adjust the length according to your own situation

    Nano alloy heating wire

    Soft and slender, and of high quality, the low-pressure nano heating wire is carefully selected and trustworthy

    Operation instructions

    Q1:How to heat, can you set time?

    A: Long press the "O" button to turn on, if you need to heat or vibrate, short press the corresponding function button, the default timing is 30 minutes, and it will automatically stop working after 30 minutes

    Q2:How to adjust to vibrate mode?

    A: Short press the "O" key to select three vibration modes, and the "1, 2, 3" indicators light up accordingly

    Q3:How to adjust the temperature?

    A: Short press the "i" button to select three heating modes, and the "1, 2, 3" indicator lights will light up accordingly. (1 for low temperature, 2 for medium temperature, 3 for high temperature)

    Note: It is recommended to select gears 1 and 2 for use in summer; 2 and 3 for use in winter

    Q4:How to adjust the temperature?

    A: Press and hold the "O" button for about 2 seconds, the host will enter the shutdown state

    Upgraded product features:

    1. Compared with the old model, the new model adopts a new vibration motor, low decibel vibration massage, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

    2. The new model adopts large area heating, 1 second rapid heating, graphene heating sheet, NTC intelligent temperature control, which can quickly warm the abdomen and drive away the body cold.

    3. High-density lithium battery, built-in 2500mAh lithium battery, enjoy wireless restraint anytime, anywhere. The charging interface adopts TYPE-C connection, which is more convenient to use. (The old model is a dedicated charging cable.)

    4. The new model adopts a new strap design, which is more convenient to take off and wear, and the elastic band can adjust the length at will.

    5. Using a new curved soft plush, the bare skin is more comfortable, the plush cloth is fine in texture, lint-free, and feels very good.

    Product Include:

    1*Warm&massager Belt

    1*USB Cable


    Prohibited people:

    Patients with severe heart disease are prohibited from using moderate and severe cardiovascular diseases.

    It is forbidden to use for patients with skin sensation disorders or skin abnormalities.

    It is forbidden to use for patients who suffer from gout or have not fully recovered from gout during the onset of the disease.

    Patients with cervical cancer are prohibited from using it.

    Prohibit pregnancy.


    It is recommended not to use it at a high temperature of more than 8 minutes, and each extension of use time should not exceed 30 minutes.

    The recommendation for sensitive skin is to use it through clothing.

    Relieve Menstrual Pain

    "I didn't think this could be the solution I was looking for, but I was willing to give it a try. More importantly, I needed something simple so I bought DvineBelt and I can finally drive safely, more confidently and very comfortably! I recommend it to everyone pregnant women!"

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    Great purchases I've made!

    I absolutely love DvineNeck and DvineBack!

    I was finally able to eliminate tension in my neck and back muscles. Now I have better postures and finally live without pain!"

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    "I can safely say that the products from this store have transformed my life and saved my marriage! I stopped having back pain and started sleeping much better, as I stopped moaning at night. My wife was able to sleep with me again and that has no price!"

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