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    DvineBelt™ Pregnant Seat Belt Adjuster

    $59.95 $119.90
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    DvineBelt™ Pregnant Seat Belt Adjuster

    $59.95 $119.90
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    Thousands Of Pregnancies 

    Are Lost Every Year

    ❌ Over 170.000 pregnant women experience car crashes every year

    ❌ Over 3.000 pregnancies are lost in car crashes every year.

    ❌ Traditional built seat belts are not built for pregnant mothers!


    During an accident, the force exerted onto your belly from the lap belt will be very harmful to the unborn baby inside you. For expectant mothers, the seat belt in its original design does more harm than good.


     Tradicional seatbelt

    ❌ Don´t disperse the Impact

    ❌ Don´t protect your belly

    ❌ Don´t protect your unborn baby

    ❌ It´s uncomfortable

     Makes a lot of pressure

    ❌ Not suitable for pregnant women


    Why DvineBelt?

     Very Quick to Use

     Easy to Install

    ✅ Disperses the Impact

     Reduces Risk 

    ✅ Protects Your Belly

    ✅ Protects Your Unborn Baby

    ✅ Drive with Much More Comfort

     Patented and Tested

     Made with High-Quality Materials


    DvineBelt is a legally made seatbelt adjuster and unlike traditional vehicle seatbelts, it has been designed to ensure the safety of expectant mothers and their babies whilst on the road by transforming the traditional seatbelt into a 4-point lap sash - a seatbelt configuration recommended for pregnant women.


    The DvineBelt™ redirects the lap belt away from the belly, securing the seat belt on the legs (not across the lower belly where it can injure your unborn baby). It eliminates the danger of putting pressure on the belly in case of sudden braking or road accidents. 


    Is DvineBelt Safe?


    Through multiple design iteration improvements and crash tests, the DvineBelt™ has shown that it reduces the chances of lost pregnancies in car accidents by over 85% compared to regular traditional seatbelts.

    DvineBelt™ Pregnant Seatbelt Adjuster is made with thermoplastic rubber (outer layer) and steel (inner layer), ensuring durability and the ability to withstand high-impact accidents. It can also be used for people with abdominal obesity or sensitive bellies.

    Crash-tested and Approved for legally registered vehicles in the following Countries:

    ✅ United States 

    ✅ Canada

    ✅ Australia

    ✅ New Zealand

    ✅ Europe

    ✅ United Kingdom

    ✅ Brazil

    ✅ Japan

          Easy Installation Instructions


          1. The adjuster's DvineBelt should be pulled through the gap between the seat and the backrest.

          2. Then the DvineBelt should be pulled underneath the seat, ensuring that the belt is not twisted.

          3. The end of the DvineBelt should be looped through the upper and lower hole of the buckle respectively.

          4. The DvineBelt should be tightened securely by pulling it downwards.




          ✅ Easy To Use - Four simple steps are involved in fastening and securing the DvineBelt to your car seat. All you have to do is securely install the DvineBelt once for everyday use!

          ✅ Free SizedDvineBelt has an adjustable length belt and can be fastened securely to a car seat, fixed in place, and no matter the size, it works!

          ✅ Perfect for Recovery - Anyone who has just gone through an abdominal surgery, stomach surgery, or cesarean section will be able to heal properly without a belt pressing against the affected area on your belly.

          ✅ Dramatically Boost the Safety of your current seat belt system. You'll have Peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to protect your precious gift so she will be able to celebrate her “first” birthday in perfect health.

          ✅  Feel Confident in our superior design. We’ve crash-tested the DvineBelt™ to completely prevent your vehicle’s lap belt from “slamming” into your unborn baby at extreme speeds or damaging forces during a crash or sudden stop.

          ✅  Love wearing a seat belt that FINALLY Feels Comfortable. The pad is super soft and adjustable. The DvineBelt™ removes that uncomfortable pressure on your tummy…EVEN during your second and third trimesters.

          ✅  Always want to buckle up while pregnant. It’s so easy to transport wherever you go and installs in just seconds. Plus, it adapts quickly and easily to any vehicle’s seat belt system. You’ll NEVER, EVER put your baby at increased risk again because you didn’t buckle up!


          High Quality

          DvineBelt™ is a high-quality product. It was entirely designed and made in South Korea – a country famous for advanced technology. The adapter’s base is made of stainless steel, which is 6.4mm thick and coated with soft rubber. The DvineBelt base has no sharp edges – it was designed to be safe and ergonomic to use.
          A project of DvineBelt™ was carried out with the support of the government organization Tokyo Business Agency. The belt and the buckle were tested in terms of strength by FITI Testing & Research Institute in Seoul. Non-flammability and harmful substances (PBB, PBDE) tests have also been carried out. The dynamic seat belt test was performed in terms of accordance with the European Safety Standard ECE R16 in the TÜV SÜD laboratory.


          Our version has a Testing Certification CE, which means you can rest assured when it comes to the quality of this product! The CE mark is required for many products produced that require a safety certificate. It shows that the product meets safety and health requirements.


          Shipping Times

          See approximate delivery times in the table below. For more information check our shipping policy.

          DvineBelt™ Pregnant Seat Belt Adjuster

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Yes, DvineBelt™ has been dummy-tested and certified for safety - reducing the force of impact on the belly by over 85% and is legal to use in various countries (checklist above).

          The DvineBelt™ is extremely adjustable to 99% of stock vehicle car seats. The inner layer is made from steel, the outer layer is made of thermoplastic to keep our mamas safe. This new design has the high tensile strength to keep you and your baby safe in case of high-impact accidents.

          Does not affect the original car seat belt lock. The original car seat belt does not need to add additional buckles.

          Yes! Although the DvineBelt™ was made for our mamas going through pregnancy, this belt can be used for all purposes due to its design and is very suitable for anyone with larger or sensitive bellies.

          DvineBelt™ is recommended for pregnant women, obese people, post-op people, people with active belly scars, passengers with surgical wounds in the abdomen, and people who don't like to feel the pressure of the belt on their belly.

          Yes, it can also be installed in the back seats of the car.

          You will only need to install DvineBelt™ once.

          After the product arrives at your home, you are entitled to 30 days to try it on.

          Orders are processed within 48 hours. After your order is processed you should receive your tracking information. You can track your order's journey right on our website.  Deliveries worldwide take on average 6 to 15 business days. You can check the table above for the approximate shipping times or check our Shipping Policy.

          Of course, you can install more than one unit on your car seats. You can install it on both front seats, for example.

          "I didn't think this could be the solution I was looking for, but I was willing to give it a try. More importantly, I needed something simple so I bought DvineBelt and I can finally drive safely, more confidently and very comfortably! I recommend it to everyone pregnant women!"

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