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    DvineTime™ Intelligent Neck Massager

    $89.95 $179.90
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    DvineTime™ Intelligent Neck Massager

    $89.95 $179.90
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    Recommended reason to buy:

    1. Use double pulse technology, namely TENS pulse technology and EMS pulse technology.

    2. TENS applies weak electrical impulses that "turn off" pain signals in the brain and naturally cause your body to "release endorphins" to relieve pain. You will feel a tingling and strong current when you use it.

    3. EMS uses micro-current to stimulate the muscles to help strengthen, recover and condition the muscles.

    Suitable for application scenarios:

    1. As a natural pain reliever, TENS is the best in the treatment of chronic or acute pain caused by old wounds, carpal tunnel, sciatica, dysmenorrhea, etc.

    2.EMS is used for muscle growth and recovery, making it ideal for sports injuries, muscle spasms, and even helping to increase movement in paralyzed areas of the body, such as the arms and legs associated with paralysis.

    Suitable for the crowd:

    1. Fitness enthusiasts: It can be used to exercise muscles and maintain a good state.

    2. Housewives: used for massage and relaxation, suitable for physical therapy and relaxation of the neck, back, hands, legs, and other whole bodies. (Females may feel that the current is stronger, it is recommended to lower the gear or use with gel)

    3. White-collar workers: used to relieve cervical discomfort and pain, help prevent cervical spondylosis.

    4. Outdoor labor enthusiasts: used to relieve muscle soreness caused by physical labor, and massage to relax.

    Buying this neck massager is equivalent to getting the functionality of 3 products at the same time.

    1. Equivalent to getting a neck massage relaxation device.

    2. Equivalent to getting a full-body relaxation physiotherapy device.

    3. It is equivalent to getting an electronic abdominal muscle fitness sticker.

    Micro current pulse Loop fit neck

    Upgrade 6 Patches 4*Modes

    15*Intensity Massage Patches

    Remote Control Long Battery Life

    Relieve Neck And Cervical Discomfort

    Relieve cervical fatigue and neck pain caused by various reasons

    EMS pulse current

    Stimulate motor nerves through micro currents,

    trigger peripheral muscle movement, thereby alleviating cervical fatigue

    4 Massage Modes & 15 Gears Of Intensity

    Automatic mode Beat mode

    Kneading mode Press mode

    Constant Temperature Hot Compress

    Constant temperature 42 degrees

    Massage effect increased by 3 times

    Upgrade 6 patches Area increased 3 times

    256 deep massages per minute

    Cervical spine shoulder and neck synchronization,

    Relieve cervical pressure and bring you comfortable

    Equipped with electric patches (External)

    Equipped with micro current patches,massage any other part of the body at the same time.

    Loop Fit Neck

    Correct cervical spine posture, Adjust the balance of cervical spine force. Reduce cervical spine prssure through muscle tension,Towing to a healthy form

    USB For Charging Battery Life About 7 Days On Once Charge

    Multiple charging methods: Support Adapter, Power bank,Computer USB charging for 1 hour, 30 minytes use per day, sustainable use for about 2-3 days

    Multi- Scene Massager At Any Time

    Product Details

    Product name: Intelligent cervical massager

    Style: rechargeable

    Rated voltage: 3.7V

    Power: 4-6W

    Size: 15*9cm

    Pulse frequency: 50-60Hz

    Material: ABS

    Buttonsℜmote control

    Preparation before use

    1. Wipe the neck skin wet, tidy up the neck hair and clothing to avoid affecting the experience.

    2. When using electrode pads to massage other parts of the body, please stick 2 electrode pads directly on the skin at the same time. When you need to adjust the massage area and electrode pads, please turn off the instrument and restart the operation after adjustment.

    Comfortable Massage Has A Coup

    1. Start the trial from the low gear and find the comfortable strength and gear position

    2. Recommended once a day, no more than 15 minutes

    3. Keep the skin clean and moist before use

    4. One person, one machine, pay attention to clean up the fuselage in time


    It is recommended to apply moisturizer around the neck before using the massager to keep the skin moisturized, and the effect will be better.

    The massager must be worn on the neck to adjust the gear position to be useful. If the massager is not hanging on the neck, the gear adjustment will be in an invalid state. This design is to avoid wrong operation~

    The numb feeling is the stimulation of low-frequency pulsed micro-current, which will stimulate muscle contraction and relaxation, not leakage~

    New Upgraded 6 Patches

    Intelligent Cervical Massager

    Pulse Massage Area Increased By 3 Times

    DvineTime™ Intelligent Neck Massager

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